Author: Jonathan Fries

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Software Asset

Are you evaluating a software asset for a  potential purchase, investment, decision making for the future, possible termination, etc? 1. Here are some questions you should consider:Is this a revenue generating asset? How much revenue does it generate? 2. Is this a cost saving asset? How much cost does it save? 3. Does this asset have some other value? What is its value? 4. How many clients use this system? How many users do I have?  How do I value each client/user of the system? 5. What was the cost of supporting (maintaining, fixing, basic feature addition, deploying, patching, etc.) the application for...

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Why We Created ID-GEM

Over the years at Amadeus we’ve seen projects that start with a highly energetic drive for completion, only to run into struggles when the project hits its first, inevitable, snag. We’ve also seen projects that get caught in the ‘analysis paralysis’ phase and can’t seem to get to development. What if there were a tool to quickly analyze a project, get at the underlying business goals, and be sure you were on the right track? What if, at the same time, those steps gave you a structure for hard decisions that are bound to come once your project gets moving?...

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Application Rebuilds

Technology keeps moving forward. This is a fact.  It’s what underlies our global economy and much of our modern lives. So it’s easy to look at a software product, application, website, or mobile app and determine that it has outlived its usefulness because it was built a few years ago.  It is easy to go with the technology flow and decide to start over. If you have reached this conclusion about your own product, you are considering an Application Rebuild.  The Application Rebuild is a challenging project and it is different than new development or feature work.  So, you should...

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Agile Development in a Services Environment Pt 5 – Doing What’s Right for Our Clients

In the previous installments, I’ve talked about how to use Agile development within a services environment while still maintaining strong expectation and cost management.  What underlies all of this for us at Amadeus Consulting is the desire to do what is right for our clients and find the best process to meet their needs. As I mentioned before, Agile development isn’t always the answer, but for a growing segment of our clients it fits the bill. Not every client can come to us knowing everything about what must be built.  They rely on our strong technical talent and project...

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Agile Development in a Services Environment Pt 4 – Budget Management

Managing budgets and cost control may not be the first thing that come to mind when you think about Agile software development, or ‘agility’ in general. It’s likely that you associate fast flying ideas and business pivots with Agile. Luckily, Agile development is built for quick shifts in fast moving worlds. However, many businesses are trying to achieve a specific deliverable within a managed (and often tight) budget. This budget can be time or cost, and sometimes. Regardless of development approach, businesses must often ask themselves (and their development partners), “what can we do with X amount of money?”...

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