Author: Hannah Vergara

Ten Tips to Designing A Landing Page That Converts

A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent to prompt a specific call to action. Specifically created to maximize return on paid ads, they are often are the first point of interaction between brands and potential customers. Everything needs to be considered when creating a landing page, so take a look at these 10 best practices for effective and fully optimized landing pages that convert. What is the Goal? The best landing pages are targeted, specific and contextually relevant to its corresponding campaign. In an ideal world, what do you want your visitors to...

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A Successful Website Redesign That Drive Results

Is your website looking old and outdated? Maybe you’re not happy with performance and would like to explore a redesign to recharge sales and improve quality? Well, it may be that time to revamp your website with a fresh new look that reflects your brand and performance. It’s a competitive digital space and people often assume that websites that look better are better. So, if your website’s main mission is to sell something or ultimately produce revenue, follow along as I discuss these simple steps to reduce redesign risk and increase revenue. Redesign Risk Mitigation When heading into a...

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Google Moves Focus to Local Search with Pigeon

Google has recently released a new algorithm that is targeting local search. Coined “Pigeon,” this update will affect smaller, local businesses and storefronts. Let’s dive deeper and see exactly what this algorithm is set to change… What Does it Do? The pigeon algorithm has been created to strengthen the ties between search queries and Google’s deeper capabilities with local search. Google is beginning to notice the importance of local search, and as it’s becoming more popular they have decided to improve the distance and location parameters in local search results. The update will also take into account Google’s Knowledge...

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3 Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs

Have you ever read something on the Internet that just resonated with you? It actually affected your day that you went above and beyond to share it on one of your social media networks? For many, content needs to be striking in order to gain a wildfire phenomenon of social sharing. For digital marketers, creating content time and time again that people like read is not an easy task. As content curators we need to be remarkable and craft an experience that will affect our readers and hopefully generate some sort of buzz or business sale. If you are...

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