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☘ St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coin Hunt ☘

The hunt is over – 7 gold coins were hidden around the Amadeus office, each worth a $5 gift card for Target. We had been posting, tweeting and blogging 7 clues throughout the day in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Now they’re all found! Here are the 7 clues. Below each one, in white text, is the place the coin was hidden – use your cursor to select the text to read it. Clue #1 There once was a soccer team Made of tiny plastic men Their games took place in a den The competition extreme! Which side will reign as supreme? Foosball...

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Better Software Outcomes Possible with ID-GEM Planning Process

For more than 20 years Amadeus has had the privilege of serving hundreds of great companies looking to improve business outcomes with quality software. From in-house productivity systems and digital websites to interactive mobile apps, software has evolved from a “nice to have” to a strategic and critical factor to an organization’s success. Over the years Amadeus and our customers have embraced many of the new and innovative advancements made within our industry, including Agile, DevOps, cloud, mobile and the use of open source. Many of the tools and best practices adopted industry-wide were contributions made by a group...

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ID-GEM: A Tool to ‘ID the GEM’ in Your Software Project

ID-GEM is a free tool and available now through a “Process-as-a-Service” type model at Take a short questionnaire that matches ID-GEM process guidelines with your organization’s objectives, values and application-type characteristics. Once the questionnaire is completed, a customized PDF of the ID-GEM Framework is created and delivered to you in digital format. For software and business teams, ID-GEM comes into play before the development process starts, and provides useful input for the entire requirements planning process. This is vitally important as the speed of software delivery increases and the negative impact of misaligned projects becomes more significant. With...

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Hello, Are You My RIGHT Audience? Social Media Marketing – Part 1

They’re popping up almost every single day – new social media platforms. Post this, Snap that, Swipe there – it becomes daunting trying to keep up. But you don’t want to miss out connecting with your customers and hopefully capturing some new customers on the latest social stage. It’s easy for many to jump in head-first without first thinking about which ones will actually benefit your business. Then it begins, the ongoing struggle of trying to balance content creation, curation, frequency of posting, and interacting with your followers. It quickly becomes a nightmare for anyone involved in day-to-day social...

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Computer Science for All: Obama’s 3 Step Plan for K-12 Students

In President Barack Obama’s January 30, 2016 weekly address he went into greater depth on his ‘Computer Science for All’ initiative. He has tackled a plan to equip children with analytical and coding skills so they can power our new innovation economy. Here are some highlights: Computer Science Equal to Reading, Writing, Arithmetic President Obama argues that computer science isn’t a special area of study, instead it’s now a basic skill like reading, writing, and arithmetic. 75% of Schools Don’t Offer Computer Science He noted in his speech that only 1/4 of primary & secondary schools offer the opportunity to learn...

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