New Year’s resolutions, everyone makes them, pretty much nobody keeps them. Here is a list of some top resolution and some apps/tech that might just help you keep them.

Get in Shape

jawbone-up-duoJawbone Up ($129.99) Available for iOS & Android

You can set this bracelet/app combo to track everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. As to be expected, it tracks your workouts (calories burned, workout intensity, etc.) You can set it to remind you when you’ve been inactive for too long. It even has a mood tracking function! All you have to do is log your moods in the app, it discovers connections, and give you tips to boost your mood.

Zombies, Run! ($3.99) Available for iOS & Adroid

If Up is a bit too much of a commitment for you, give this training/game app a try. Just put your headphones on, push start and begin running. Once you start running, you will hear the zombies, yes ZOMBIES, start to chase you. This app will give you instructions on how to dodge the zombies and what needs to be done in order to complete your mission of building your base to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Save Money

mintMint (FREE) Available for web, iOS, & Android

I think it’s safe to say that most people wish that they were better at saving money and Mint is the way to go. It combines your accounts, track how much you are spending, and lets you know when bills are due. It allows you to see your financial data as charts or as an Excel spreadsheet. You can also set personal finance goals, and tag your spending by category to make things easier.

Guide Financial (FREE) Available for web

If you are looking to keep it simple you should give Guide Financial a shot. It analyzes your spending and sends you a report of your expenditures every week. You also receive personalized financial advice and coupons based on you spending habits.


Quit Smoking

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach (FREE) Available for iOS

As with weight loss plans, approaches to quitting smoking vary greatly. The personalized strategies in LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach app can help you find the right program for your lifestyle. Through this physician-approved app, you’ll analyze your current consumption, set more tangible resolutions, and customize preferences based on your specific requirements. Choose to quit immediately or simply reduce your nicotine intake over time, while tracking your cravings and when you succumb to them.

cessation nationCessation Nation (FREE) Available for Android

Cessation Nation will not only tell you how much money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you HAVEN’T smoked, and how much your health has improved. While all this information is great, sometimes it takes a bit more than stats to fight off a craving. This app will also offer you a fun, distracting game to play to put off the cravings. It also offers you access to a large community of smokers and ex-smokers, who are only too happy to support you through your drive to be smoke-free.