Apple has given us so many wonderful things. However, Apple has been holding out on providing a tool to pull key insights such as app install attribution. App install attribution is key for mobile app marketers who look to understand what specific campaign effort, like a Facebook ad, triggered a user to down their app. Mobile app marketers have been begging for more mobile app insights, and Apple has been a bit stingy until recently.

On May 13, 2015, App Analytics was added to iTunes Connect and Google Analytics. This additional feature is currently in beta, and mobile app marketers around the world are rejoicing. For years various third party tools have attempted a workaround in delivering app install attribution information, but without Apple’s permission, linking a specific post or tweet to the app store has been difficult to determine.

The Features

Previously, iTunes Connect was primarily focused on download and revenue numbers. The new beta features will provide conversion, retention, and engagement insights without having to install a third party SDK.

Here are the key metrics that iTunes Connect App Analytics tracks:

  • App store views – How many people viewed my app page in the store?
  • Campaign Tracking – Which campaign effort drove users to install my app?
  • Retention – How many users continue to use my app after installation?
  • Engagement – What specific app features are my users engaging with?
  • In-App Purchases – How many in-app purchases have occurred in my app?

Apple has not released all of the details on the features and capabilities of the tool, but mobile app marketers and developers will be keeping an eye out for updates as more information is released.

Good News for the Little Guy

The analytics provided by iTunes Connect will be free to anyone who has an app in the App Store. Smaller companies will have access to insights without having to purchase a third party analytics tool. Mid-sized to large companies may still want to utilize more robust third party tools like Mixpanel or AppAnnie for additional features like messaging and push notifications. However, Connect provides core analytics and insights which are valuable to everyone with stakes in the iOS mobile app marketing and development game.


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