We are excited to announce that we completed an Electronic Health and Safety software project for Boulder startup Sospes, LLC. We developed the web-and-mobile-based platform and application suite designed to improve workplace safety reporting and protocol management. We also provided software planning, development and delivery services to bring Sospes’ concept to market, fully realized and functional.

Thomas Carson, president and CEO of Sospes explains why his team partnered with us, “I was looking for more than just a company to help me build a software product, because many firms can do that. Amadeus’ blend of strategic consulting, technical expertise and business acumen sold me on its value as a strategic partner to lead us in getting Sospes to market on time and within budget.”

About the Project:

Sospes’ technology is designed to embrace the ubiquity of enterprise mobile applications by allowing workplaces to more efficiently report and track both real and potential workplace hazards. In most organizations, responsibility for managing employee well-being is siloed: one group is responsible for managing safety programs, one group is responsible for employee wellness programs, one group is responsible for managing worker’s compensation, one group is responsible for managing group health and another group may be responsible for regulatory compliance. Different operating groups lead to separate processes and systems. These individual systems lack the ability to collectively aggregate and track reporting data, requiring employees to submit multiple reports and communicate with numerous personnel for any workplace-related safety and wellness needs, costing companies valuable time and resources. The Sospes technology unites these groups, allowing for them to work efficiently and collaboratively.

Sospes also noticed a gap in workplace incident reporting expediency. Traditionally, employees injured on the job, or nearly injured, needed to seek out company leadership to file an official report. Together, we developed mobile reporting software designed to align with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) needs of today’s marketplace. This software allows employees to electronically file reports of incidents or “near misses,” and provides companies with the ability to track and analyze workplace incident data in real-time – a need not addressed holistically with other incident reporting technology available to the market.

As our CEO and co-founder, Lisa Calkins says, “The concept that Sospes was looking to bring to market was an intriguing blend of technologies with the potential to disrupt the industry. Tom has a strong history of entrepreneurship that made us confident we could successfully complete and scale this project.”