In the previous installments, I’ve talked about how to use Agile development within a services environment while still maintaining strong expectation and cost management.  What underlies all of this for us at Amadeus Consulting is the desire to do what is right for our clients and find the best process to meet their needs.

As I mentioned before, Agile development isn’t always the answer, but for a growing segment of our clients it fits the bill.

Not every client can come to us knowing everything about what must be built.  They rely on our strong technical talent and project leadership to guide them and to ensure that we have their best interests at heart while doing so.

We’ve even enshrined this idea in our Guiding Principles.

We have 9 guiding principles and one of them states, “Do the right thing.” We apply this to the choices we make on every project, not just the agile development ones.   We also apply it when making the decision about which process to use – our Hybrid Process which combines elements of waterfall and agile, or Designed Agile which uses more strict (though not completely strict) tenets of agile philosophy.

What matters to us is that we choose something to match the unique needs of our clients and we have more than one choice we can draw from to ensure the success of the project.

Agile is a great tool when you need flexibility in scope and have flexibility in other aspects of the project.  At Amadeus Consulting, we’ve adapted some key components, while keeping others unchanged to provide the best service offering to our clients.


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