Are you looking for fun ways to get your Facebook fans engaged? When it comes to social media for your business, posting photos to Facebook is a great way to tell your story. Posting images on your business’s Facebook page increases your brand’s engagement and visibility. In fact, photo posts receive 84% more link clicks than text or link posts.

In this post, I’m to provide a step-by-step process on two ways to add captions to your Facebook photos. There are two main options if you’d like to add a caption to your Facebook photos:

  • You can either include a caption/description when you first upload your photo
  • Or, you can edit photos in your photo album to include your caption

Option 1 – Add a Caption When You First Post the Photo

Step 1) Log in to your organization’s Facebook page.

Step 2) Go to the status section, click the “Photo/Video” link.

Facebook Upload Photo - 1

Step 3) Click on “Upload Photo/Video.”

Upload Photos/Video - Facebook

Step 4) Click “Browse” and search for your image. Select the image you want to upload.

Step 5) Type your caption in the box above the upload field and customize the tagging and privacy settings beneath the caption to your liking. Click on the clock (bottom left corner) to schedule the post for a later date or time if you don’t want it immediately going live.

Write Caption

Step 6) Click the blue “Post” button to publish the photo to your Facebook wall.

Option 2 – Add a Caption to an Existing Photo in Your Photo Album

Step 1) From your Facebook profile, click the “Photos” tab on the left column.

Photos Tab on Facebook

Step 2) Select the image you want to add a caption to.

Step 3) Click “Edit.”

Edit Photo on FacebookStep 4) If the photo already has a caption, you can add, edit or delete it at this time, as well. This is a good time to tag friends and add a location of where the photo was taken.

Done Editing Facebook Caption

Step 5) Click the blue “Done Editing” button beneath the dialogue box to save the caption.

Tips for Posting Photos to Facebook

  • Larger images tend to get more likes, shares and comments. Use the Upload Photos/Video function instead of posting a link that shows a thumbnail.
  • Optimize images for the 403 x 403 pixel display in the timeline. Larger images display from the center of the image, and some of the edges may not appear in the news feed unless a user clicks through.
  • Images without people outperformed images with people by about 17%.

Follow these simple steps and tips to achieve Facebook photo success. Do you add captions to your Facebook photos? Are there other ways to add captions?