Social Media is a valuable tool that the digital era has brought upon all marketers. However, if there isn’t an immediate and significant response then it’s deemed a waste of time. But wait! Before you rush into judgment, take a look five things your social strategy may be missing…

Hootsuite Screen ShotMedia Listening

There are many different tools making it simple for marketers to track the media. When appropriate, it’s good to jump into a conversation and find ways to interact with people talking about your brand, then engage with them. Listening in on the conversation and knowing what’s being said about you and where they are saying it is imperative, so you know how to respond. Engagement and building relationships with your customers builds brand loyalty and will be a main channel for future marketing trends. Follow up and interact with your customers because people appreciate transparency. Take time each day to check out what is being said about you online and utilize the many free tools available!

Employee Advocacy

A study done by Neilsen, states that 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. In fact, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust. What does this mean? Use your employees as brand advocates. On average, when employees share something with their social networks, each one reaches 20x more people than a typical brand sharing with the same number of followers. Not to mention, members of the general public trust ordinary people like themselves, more than brands or CEOs. Try it out and harness the power of brand advocates to see the true value from employee advocacy.

Socialize Your Execs

Typically, you won’t find most CEO’s and executives tweeting, pinning and sharing on social networks but it’s about time that they hop on the bandwagon. By increasing online presence, CEO’s are demonstrating that they are human too. It provides an opportunity to deepen your company’s reputation and customer relationships. A CEO’s reputation matters. According to a study released by Weber Shandwick, 8 in 10 CEO’s from most admired companies (81%) engage through company websites or in social media, compared to 50% of those from less reputable or “contender” companies worldwide. So get over the social anxiety and use social media as an effective marketing tool for your business. Engage with the latest industry news or use popular hashtags to engage with trending topics. There are many free tools, like Google Trends to help you discover what the latest internet fads have become.

Audience Specific Channels


Many people think that social media and content are interchangeable, but in reality they are quite different. You need to dedicate a plan for every channel you choose to distribute content. Ultimately, choosing the right content with the right audience and the correct social media channel.

Just because it’s available doesn’t mean that you should share something on every channel there is out there. Take time to plan ahead and create a basic social media plan, then distribute content accordingly. This way it will reach the intended audience. Remember, every social network has a specific purpose.

Join A Social Media Peer Network

Learn from the pros and follow some the brand ambassadors in your industry. This provides a wide opportunity to find, engage and do business with ideal prospects. You can offer your expertise to help solve problems or create conversations that encourage others to do the same. The relationships you build on social media can be invaluable now and even in the future. Some may call them “e-friends” but these people may expose your business to new ideas by stimulating thought provoking ideas to find out how other tackle particular issues. Your e-friends are great information sources, so it’s time to start making more!

These practices take time and skill but can boast that ROI in social media investment. What is your favorite social media strategy?