One of the most challenging aspects of running a great technology firm is figuring out how to hire the right people. What do you look for when hiring? Are there signs a candidate might not be a good fit? If you could construct the ideal techie for your team, what characteristics would they possess? These questions and more can be answered by identifying the following “A Player” traits:

Don’t forget about character

Businessman Choosing The Right PersonAs a hiring manager, it is important to remember that while skill is crucial, a candidate’s character is just as vital. Former technology employees often come in with preconceived ideas about how a technology company should operate. Worse, their assumptions about technology companies might make them feel as if they have some sort of “insider knowledge”, thus believing their expertise is worth more than what industry standards estimate.

Instead, look for people with transferable skill sets (e.g. solid communication). Pick candidates who are seeking career opportunities in the technology field and are keen to be trained the way you want them to work. If you combine this with someone who has a great attitude and looks after your customers, you are on the right track. With technology changing at a rapid pace, even the most seasoned tech expert could easily miss out on the latest updates and innovations. If someone has the willingness and ability to learn the latest technologies, that drive will take them further in your company in the long run.

Make sure values are aligned

Establish a company culture and business vision that supports creativity and fuels entrepreneurial passion. Technology hires, like developers, are in high demand, and not easily wooed by unlimited espresso or the occasional weekend retreat. For most developers and technology candidates, passion is the most significant contributor to job satisfaction—and should be a vital component to your overall business vision and culture. You want your new hires to build things they believe in and feel that their work has an impact. By making sure you express your company’s vision and mission to potential new hires during the interview process, you will get a sense of whether or not your business and their career vision align.
Use the same questions with everyone so that you can compare candidates and know what answers you are looking for from a good prospect.

Go to where your candidates are

Hiring TargetYou have to be smart about how and where you look for tech talent. Where are the promising technical candidates hanging out these days? For example, according to The Next Web, “Yelp recruits heavily on college campuses, with an eye towards young and energetic engineers who are willing to learn.” Another important part of this search process is to stay abreast of technology layoffs. For example, if a well-known company plans to lay off a bunch of its staff due to budget cuts, develop strategies to reach those individuals who will soon be on the hunt.

Finding the right talent, technical or otherwise, doesn’t have to be elusive. You just need to think about your company values and how candidates can fit within those values and goals—And the above recommendations are just the beginning! Do you have any insights about how to hire the best technical talent? Tweet us at @AmadeusTalent to dive in and share your tips and tricks for hiring the best.