Have you ever read something on the Internet that just resonated with you? It actually affected your day that you went above and beyond to share it on one of your social media networks?

For many, content needs to be striking in order to gain a wildfire phenomenon of social sharing. For digital marketers, creating content time and time again that people like read is not an easy task. As content curators we need to be remarkable and craft an experience that will affect our readers and hopefully generate some sort of buzz or business sale.

If you are a marketer consistently writing blog posts each week, take a look at this list of three essential ingredients of some simple content best practices.

Start with Design 51H

Readers see the overall presentation of your blog post before they even read a word. We live in a generation of image creation where almost everyone has a camera in their back pocket. Photos are becoming a universal language. Some of the fastest growing social media networks have embraced the visual medium and have made it simple and easy to upload and share a content using imagery as the center focal point enticing people to further share.

So when writing content note that a good design means paying attention to colors, fonts, formatting and visual images to make the blog easy to read and comprehend. If you get the design right, your readers will typically move on to the next step and actually read the post. However, if you get it wrong they’ll probably end up clicking away and on to the next article.

So just remember, appeal to the eyes first.


Follow with Mind

The second essential ingredient lies in the content itself. The information that you are trying to present should be engaging and easy to absorb. Spend time working on a headline that will draw readers in and make them click. Break up your blog post with subheadings or bullet point lists that pull out important information. And lastly, be sure to incorporate images throughout the content that add meaning to your words.

End with Emotion 115H

The best content on the web is content that touches on emotion. Connect with the reader by emphasizing human experience and leave an impression. Storytelling is a great way to knit together experiences with an impactful punch. It engages the reader while getting to the bottom line and connecting with emotion. This makes people remember what they read and want to share it with others.

Add a pinch of each of these essential ingredients the next time you put together a blog and see if it boosts your click through rate. Optimizing your writing is sure to provide measurable results for a increase in conversion.