coffee_1xMarketing as we know it changes every day in the digital industry and it will continue to do so through 2015. With so much content being posted, it can sometimes be difficult to increase your blog traffic and engage readers. Take a peek as we highlight three trends to that are sure to jump start your content planning in 2015.

Valuable Content

When scrolling through your social media newsfeeds, what makes your thumb stop & hover? What makes you click & read? The answer is something useful. Whether it’s one of your old college roommates taking a selfie on top of the Eiffel Tower or an article on how to engage a customer at the beginning of your sales pipeline, the information must be interesting to the reader. With the world becoming more and more selective in their choices of stimulation, marketers need to keep up. The content is going to drive a customer to that final sale or drive them right into another article they are going to blow past. Content that engages and excites the reader will surely increase your customer engagement and response rate.

Have A Voice welcome_fall_long_small_1x

We are not asking you to be musically talented, but we are asking you to be something. Having a voice. Having a personality. Having something different is going to set you apart from your competitors. Today’s readers are interested in something that won’t bore them. They want to feel that brand connection as if you were a human being. This voice will ensure brand loyalty and have your customers really feel an experience when reading your messaging.

blogHighlight Humor

I’m not joking. Humor is vital to the digital marketers of today. People love to have an experience that is enjoyable, memorable and worthy of being shared. Humor is a tactic that would surely keep your customers coming back for more. Today’s social world is all about shareable content, and with humor, your messaging is bound to be on the circuit. According to Transcended Marketing, took memes to the agency level and utilized the humor tactic in their B2B Campaigns.

Test out some of these trends while road mapping your marketing efforts for 2015 to see if your blog followers increase. Here at Amadeus Consulting we specialize in the latest Digital Media trends and can help your business grow to become a brand ambassador. Call us today for further digital marketing insights and consulting.